Restaurant in Orikum

Enjoy the bounty of the sea on the plate of the Oriku restaurant in Orikum in Vlora!

If you are in Orikum or the surrounding areas, you should definitely try this restaurant. Restaurant Oriku, we can call it a hidden gem that contains the great shores of Oriku in Vlora. A place where you can spend really good moments enjoying a delicious meal with a stunning view.

Perfection from sea to table!

Our chefs are culinary virtuosos, transforming the best foods in culinary creations that achieve their perfect taste. From the taste of grilled fish up to the craftsmanship of pasta with seafood and more. Delicious pizzas, salads and other very tasty dishes. Orik’s plate is a path to distinct tastes. Each dish is a reward for the bounty of the sea, promising a dining experience that exceeds the ordinary.

A place for happy occasions

Be part of the indoor events as Oriku Restaurant transforms into a party center. From holiday extravaganzas to themed parties, our venue is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place to make memories. Your special moments are also very important to us.

If you are near the place, do not hesitate to come try our delicious dishes.

Whether you are a seafood connoisseur, a lover of stunning views or a seeker of true hospitality, Oriku Restaurant is here for you. Immerse yourself in a place where every detail tells a story, every sight is a masterpiece and every moment is a celebration of life. Reserve your table now and let the Orikun restaurant be the setting for your extraordinary moment by the sea.


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