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Restaurant Oriku is located on the coast of Oriku. Firstly, this restaurant offers a diverse cuisine. And the most interesting part of the restaurant is the stunning view it offers. From the bar you can hear the crash of the sea waves and the sound of the light coastal wind. It creates a beautiful and quite relaxing atmosphere at the same time. So spend a relaxing weekend in the beauty of Orikum.

Nowadays, everything has started to become easier, that’s why we thought of bringing this form to our restaurant as well. This makes it easy to make a reservation, just one click and the reservation is done.

As mentioned above, this restaurant has a really diverse cuisine. The main food is seafood, which is 100% fresh. Seafood is sourced directly from local fishermen to provide the best excellence form. There you can also find a composition with Italian cuisine. We offer various pastas, pizzas, supra and antipasti or salads. So there is a great variety and choice.
You can also have breakfast there. We offer some types of breakfast dishes, you just have to choose.

In conclusion

To make it even easier for you. You can now reserve your seats online. Book your table with just one click.
Likewise, on the website you can find the menu, in which there are dishes that we offer. You can also choose the meals you want to order in the reservation you made. You can add or remove products from the restaurant’s standard dishes by writing in the space provided for this service. And the order is sent directly to the restaurant. The dishes are prepared and the moment you arrive at the restaurant your table is ready.

Here you can find the menu and send the order – Book now