Visit Oriku Restaurant in Orikum – A beautiful taste at every point

Gastronomic content and natural beauty come together in an unimaginable harmony at Oriku Restaurant in Orikum, Vlora. If you are looking for a special destination to taste rare flavors, enjoy the view of the Adriatic Sea and explore authentic Italian cuisine, then you are in the right place.

Our pizzeria is a place where the pleasant flavors and aroma of fresh pizza make every meal an irreplaceable experience. Preparation with care and love for details is the main goal of our work. Making each dish a display of our taste and passion for the kitchen.

Our environment is designed in a modern and elegant way, with an open view towards the sea and the national park of Karaburun. At every turn, visitors encounter a lush atmosphere imbued with a profound sense of calm and relaxation. Our restaurant is a perfection of tranquility and beauty. A place where you can enjoy not only great food, but also peace of mind.

Specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, our chefs use only fresh, quality ingredients to create dishes that bring Italian tradition to life. From simple pastries to special dishes and seafood specialties. Each taste is a journey of Italian taste and culture.


To complete your gastronomic experience, an extensive list of local and other wines. Which go perfectly with our Italian dishes. For your mix in the completion of a relaxing and satisfying behavior, we also offer an excellent care and service. Making you feel welcome at every moment of your visit.

Oriku Restaurant is more than a place to eat. This restaurant is a destination to create unforgettable memories. To enjoy the beautiful moments and to follow the passion for cuisine and beauty. We are dedicated to bringing the best experience to our guests. Giving a true display of taste, hospitality and beauty on every visit. We invite you to join us for a gastronomic and natural adventure at Oriku Restaurant in Orikum, Vlora.

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