Where you can Enjoy the Miracles of the Coast – at the Oriku Restaurant

Welcome to Oriku Restaurant, an extraordinary destination where the beauty of the coastal view meets a welcoming atmosphere and rare tastes. We, at Oriku, aim to bring our knowledge of special gastronomy to our guests. Orik lies in one of the most beautiful and best places to enjoy a unique coastal experience.

In our gastronomic map, information and taste combine to create a real beauty. Our pizzeria includes a wide selection of pizzas and takes care of them, bringing an authentic Italian taste. With authentic Italian cuisine, our specialization in cooking cakes and other traditional specialties will make you feel like you are in a small Italian street.

What else will you find at Oriku Restaurant?

As the sun’s rays cast its glow on the sea, you can find comfort and peace in our comfortable beach chairs. Leaning back and watching the wonderful waves of the sea crashing on the shore. Enjoying a cool wine or a delicious cocktail from the friendly and welcoming staff at the bar. They are always available to serve you and are sure to provide you with an exceptional service experience.

But this is only a brief description of the adventure that awaits you at Oriku Restaurant. If you want to see a complete journey of tastes, aromas and sights, visit the Orikum of Vlora. In this special destination you can find everything that the coast has to offer. From seafood to Italian specialties. Every taste and preference of the esteemed visitors is met in this beautiful and pleasant environment. We are here to make your every moment unforgettable. We welcome you with open hearts for a beautiful coastal experience!

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