Wonderful events accompanied by the flavors of the coast

At Oriku Restaurant, an excellent oasis on the coast of Orikum. Where parties and events get a special look. Welcome to this center of taste and hospitality, where the tradition of fine taste meets the natural beauty of the coast and a warm atmosphere.

We have created Orikun Restaurant with a deep passion for cuisine and great respect for the natural beauty that surrounds us. Inspired by the local heritage and the blend of modern Italian taste, our environment brings a special atmosphere. Which is an invitation to the most delicate hearts and tastes.

Our mission at Oriku Restaurant is to provide an irreplaceable culinary experience. Each table is a unique journey in the flavors and aromas of our kitchen. While each guest is a special character for us, who deserves the greatest care and the freshest tastes. For us, every visitor should leave with an unforgettable memory and an experience they will always remember fondly.

About events and holidays

Oriku Restaurant is a perfect destination for their organization. Our elegant surroundings and professional services make every moment more than a celebration. Be an experience that will remain in memory forever. Whether for a romantic wedding, a birthday party or a corporate event. We offer our full support to make every event great.

At Oriku Restaurant, organizing events and parties is an extraordinary experience for every guest. We offer a wide range of possibilities to tailor any type of event to your needs and preferences. Our excellent cuisine, magical ambience and our dedicated team will ensure that every moment is wonderful and memorable for you and your guests.

We invite you to visit Restaurant Oriku. A place where the beauty of cuisine and nature come together to create an extraordinary experience. We invite you to join us to enjoy, celebrate and create unforgettable memories together.

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