Italian taste on the coast of Oriku: Oriku Restaurant

On the coast of Orikum, in Vlora, you find a gastronomic oasis that is described as a journey of taste and beauty at the same time – Restaurant Oriku. Specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, this restaurant offers a unique experience for your heart and taste buds.

Located in a modern environment, which harmonizes beautifully with the view of the Adriatic Sea and the National Park of Karaburuni. Oriku Restaurant takes you to enjoy every meal in a picturesque wonder. Starting from the first moments of the day to the romantic dinner, every moment in this restaurant is a feast for the heart and the taste buds.

coastal cuisine

Our kitchen is an expression of passion for Italian cuisine. Our chefs use only fresh and carefully selected ingredients. To create the joy of a delicious Italian dish. Dedication to details and Italian gastronomic traditions make every meal a journey through the old and new tastes of Italian cuisine.

For those who prefer a lighter and faster taste. Our pizzeria offers a wide range of fresh and carefully prepared pizzas. Our pizzas are an excellent combination of flavors and aromas baked with love. Making it an excellent choice for a quiet dinner with friends or a quick lunch in between the day’s adventures.

To accompany your tastes, the qualified and hospitable staff of Restorant Oriku is always at the service of visitors. From the most classic cocktails to the newest creations. Our bartender will give you an exceptional experience with delicious drinks and perfect service.

At Oriku Restaurant, we dedicate ourselves to offering every visitor an exceptional gastronomic experience. A combination of the taste of Italian cuisine, natural beauty and warm hospitality. This combination makes your trip to the coast of Orik a memory that will always be kept in your heart. We welcome you to share this wonder with us!

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