The flavors of Italian cuisine on the Adriatic Coast – Restaurant Oriku

Oriku Restaurant is a modern oasis that harmonizes beautifully with the Adriatic coast and the beauties of the Karaburuni National Park. Allowing you to enjoy every meal under the sun in an amazing view. In this picturesque atmosphere, we strive to bring a unique gastronomic experience to every visitor.

Italian cuisine specializing in the authenticity of Italian cuisine makes us stand out. Oriku Restaurant is not just a place to eat; is a journey through the flavors of Italian cuisine, using only fresh and authentic ingredients that give a special taste to each dish. In our menu, the main part is occupied by seafood, fresh and quality.

Our pizzeria offers a wide range of fresh and carefully prepared pizzas, using only the best ingredients to ensure an authentic experience of the taste of Italian cuisine. Thus and because we are located near the sea, we have tried to offer you a variety of food on our menu.

Our bar consists of a qualified and hospitable staff, always at the service of our visitors. We offer a wide range of drinks and services of different types, trying to satisfy the taste and preferences of every customer.

An irreplaceable experience for every moment!

To complete your experience at Oriku Restaurant, visit us at Orikum in Vlora. And there you will have a gastronomic journey that will remain in your memory for a long time. Let us be a part of every important event in your life. From birthdays to weddings. From business meetings to romantic dinners. We are ready to create an extraordinary experience for you and your loved ones. Come and immerse yourself in a world of flavors and elegance at Oriku Restaurant. Where every moment becomes an indelible memory!

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